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Can Robots Outsmart us?

They are either helping or harming us.

Robots are man made devices, invented to make human life easy. With some technicalities and engineering , it can perform almost everything 

So the question that we might hear sometimes,that will robots take over the world?

In my opinion the answer is No! How? Let’s find out.

  • Robots can’t be freethinkers:

Robots are only machines and can perform what they are fed they are only as smart as their manufacturer. Robots would not be able to outsmart us or use smart words because the creators know not to make the robot smarter than human beings. Even though robots could do stuff longer than us, that too because of the technology utilized by humans, still they would not be able to be freethinkers.

  • There’s nothing Like human hand 

Programmers  have been working on a robotic hand that functions exactly like a human hand for so long but  Nobody has ever made a hand that can do things a human can do. Robot hands cannot move like human beings.

  • Robots don’t have Rights

Robots don’t have any rights or emotions. Which  includes them not being able to become president or even vote. Maybe this will change if robots get more advanced in the future, but for now, robots cannot take over the world because of this. Also, 

  1. Robots do not have natural emotions. 
  2. They lack rights, they can not sue people nor be sued, 
  3. They can’t own property, they can’t run businesses nor they need any finance. 
  • Can They Build up an Army?

People  think they might make an army, but Robots will never be able to take over the world with an army. If they were to make an army, one we could take them down fast. And as they are computerised, we could hack them.

  • No match to the Variety of Humans

There is no technical match for the human and animal skin or brain that has a variety of tactile sensors.The software that processes the input from the sensors in robots is nowhere near to as accurate as  the human brain when it comes to interpretation and reaction to the messages received from the tactile sensors. 

  • Affordability

Affordable Robots will never replace humans because they are heavy machinery and costs a lot. So they can’t be affordable everywhere. Robots have the smallest chance of actually taking over the world. Robots are something that the world would eventually need and will get smarter than they are now. 

What tasks are robots already doing?

We come across robotics every single day. Some jobs that used to be performed solely by humans are now being done by robots. 

From hotel check ins to taking luggage in guest rooms, robots are performing everywhere.

Some restaurants are also using robots for services. 

Are Jobs at risk?

According to a 2013 study nearly half of jobs in the US are at risk of becoming fully automated.

Is humankind in any danger from robots

We need to be more concerned with machine learning algorithms. Currently, machine learning algorithms are used in various ways online  that  could be altered to collect personal banking details and other private information, which would keep us at high security risk.

Are robots engineered to have emotions?

They can be engineered to have emotions but can’t be as versatile as human beings are because again nothing can get as smarter and accurate as human beings are. The emotions that are even fed will be unnatural and totally computerised with no comparison to human beings. It would be even more difficult to design a model that represents such behaviour and programme it into a machine.

Did you know?

  • The word robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’ which means forced labour.
  • The first working robot made cars as a part of the production line at car giant, Ford, back in 1961
  • In 2017 self-driving robots that travel along pavements started delivering take-away meals in London
  • A robot that resembles a human is called an android.

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