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Worthily Films: An awfully good time to start an Independent Film Production Company

Worthily Films

Worthily Films, founded by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod, is an Independent Film Production Company with a mission to produce commercial and narrative work that is of the highest quality.

The name of the company highlights our goal: to create work that is worthy. To make content that is cathartic and captivating, whilst keeping to our company’s values of diversity, inclusion and support for both up and coming and established talent.

So why did we decide to start an Independent Production Company in the midst of lockdown? Was it pure insanity? Or a result of being locked up in isolation for a few too many months? Worthily Films was formed for a few reasons.

1) A hunger to create something that is our own. Creating something that gave us a bit of control in a world where everything seemed out of control. Yes, starting a business is risky but so is working for someone. At the end of the day, life is a risk. Our motto must then be… Take the risk. DO something that you love.

Bernhard Schroeder describes it in an article in FORBES magazine (Why The Coronavirus Pandemic Should Motivate You To Start A Company And Eight Excuses That No Longer Matter):

“Life is an adventure, working for someone else for 30 years is not.”

2) Nothing in life is guaranteed. Yes, we may receive a steady pay cheque in a secure job… but if lockdown has taught us anything it is that things could change… there could be a PANDEMIC. So why not start working on projects that inspire us. Building something from the start, despite the many challenges… there is something invigorating about that.

3) Challenges create growth. Despite our combined business and industry experience, we were bound to face obstacles and in some instances steep learning curves. Particularly, in an unprecedented time where government regulations and guidelines with regard to COVID-19 were changing daily, this proved problematic especially when scheduling shooting dates.

Still, we spent the majority of lockdown connecting to people in the industry, seeking advice and guidance and researching. We followed our instincts, burnt the midnight oil, connected the dots and then we had HOPE.  Do we know everything? Absolutely…not! But who does?

4) For the thrill of it. Starting a business is hard work but the adventure makes it a worthy pursuit. Similar to a rollercoaster ride, it is an exhilarating experience. Particularly during lockdown, with the unique experience of a pre-production almost entirely executed online. Being inspired by a business and putting hard work into something that you love is what gives it the potential for success.

In conclusion, Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth found lockdown to be an incredibly good time to start a film company. We are currently working on developing our commercial division. Worthily Films is also in post-production on our first short film WAITING FOR TIME and simultaneously building a slate of new exciting projects.

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