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Top 5 Games That You Can Play to Pass Your Time During Quarantine

This emergency has arrived where we all have to leave our routine work and sit at home. During this situation, many were depressed due to no habit of sitting at home. Few cases happened with people, which lead to job loss, no family time due to no travel means, business loss, no income. This phase showed many of them their ugly times. 

But the lucky ones who are school goings, job holders, older people, homemakers who didn’t have any specific loss. These people got the chance to spend time with family, which was nearly possible if this COVID situation hasn’t ever arrived. Some of us think it is good that we had a chance for home quarantine, but at one point, a person feels a little felt aside or alone. 

So as we have this advanced technology going in nearly every home of the country like mobile, laptop, tab, computer, etc. These applications made our time worthwhile for a few moments, though. So how to make the most out of these technologies is usually by playing roblox for free, or these games. Even most of the time is spent on games as compared to any genre of applications.

So here are the top 5 games according to me which can be played by every age of the person.

  1. Ludo

This was the most popular game in the early ’20s, which was played indoors. This game was played on a chart having four homes in four corners of the square sheet. This home had four players each. Ludo needed at least two players or a maximum of 4 players. Being a child, I was more fascinated by the color codes used in the game, which I will be choosing and even according to the placement of my friend’s home. 

The fun part of the game was the path circulated nearby other houses, and we need to end by dodging other players who finally let you get inside the charming home, which was placed at the center of the square sheet.

There was always the excitement of killing the opponent by coming to the same step by spinning the dice. This will eventually lag them and lead us to the charming home. And now that this game can not be played physically with our friends is made available virtually on our mobiles where we can choose our friends to whom to like to play with. 

  1. Super Mario

Another game famous in the early ‘20s which was only available in video games. This game made each child very excited about the journey of the player and dodging enemies and getting coins to win points. This was a single-player game. In the game, if we get in contact with the enemy, then it starts all over again. 

Many stages were having different situations and types of hurdles. Before a few years, only it was introduced as a game in android phones. Again after so many years that we haven’t played video games and do not have time to set that up for playing, what was available in our handy application was the happiest moment. Indeed every individual that played that game in their childhood was blessed by the technology.

  1. Candy Crush Saga

This was one of my favorite games, which I played the most during my graduation days. The game was colorful and easy to understand and played by any age of people. The same colored shapes need to be dragged together, which are more than 3 in numbers in any line, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. 

More the same colored in a row more the points and some gifts which lead to even more points. There are too many levels in the game, and there is the biggest hurdle of using some limited moves only, which yet though it made it more exciting. The last stage, which I played, was 560 level in this game, after which there were no levels.

  1. Subway Surfer

This game is much played by the college-going students or even after getting the first android phone. This game was most played and gave a door to many new nowadays’ advanced games. This was a single-player game.

In the game, a person needs to collect coins to make the highest score, and there are many hurdles too. Due to these hurdles, firstly, if the pace slows down, then a policeman runs behind the player to catch him. If the players get stuck with another difficulty, then the policeman catches him finally, and the game is over.

  1. Eightball pool

This is the fantasy game that needs concentration and rules play too. This is a single-player game, and it needs to hit a ball with a long stick into the hole of the long rectangular table. This game is actually more enjoyable when played on the actual pool table, but we cannot have it every time, and everywhere it won’t be possible. 

So playing it in our handy mobiles gave us the same enthusiasm for the game. In this game, there are eight bells, and the table has six holes, which are the ultimate goals for the nuts. There are some tricky rules which are available while playing in an android device too.

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