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Tabaz Noori

Tabaz Noori is a well know Afghan Musician, Artist, and Singer born in Afghanistan on March 10th, 1992. A rising star who started his journey from 2010 to onwards and got multiple successes in the film & broadcasting, singing, production, editing, and much more. For the new in the field of art & film, he is one of great inspiration and become the co-owner and founder of Noori production.

Early life

Tabaz Noori was born in Afghanistan but due to violence and uncertain law & order situation, the family migrated to Pakistan. After a few months, they move towards Canada and apply for the migration to secure the future. Tabaz learns primary education without going to school, but after he joins the public school of Grenoble PS. He passes the middle from the Valley Park MS school and high school at Wobum C. Moreover, he got a degree in film & broadcasting from Ryerson University to pursue in the field of film and media production.

Career as artist

By staying in Canada, Tabaz Noori proceeds towards the media industry as a profession. He started working since 2008 to officially launch the production house in the name of Noori production. As the founder and co-owner of Noori production, he deals in almost everything includes cinematography, editing, direction, production, promote photography, and much more. In 2010, Noori production officially holds the place and license that make it a registered multimedia production company. From 2010 to onwards Tabaz Noori become the rising star and become the motivation for the new artist as well.

Success history

Other than owning a production company, Tabaz Noori is a well-known singer, actor, model, artist, and social media influencer. On different social sites, he becomes the most search and followed afghan artist that holds the top production company in Canada as a middle eastern representative. Other than holding the production company he worked and release successful music videos. In 2010, “Ya Mustafa”, in 2014 “Allah E Jahan” and 2016 “Madina” scores the best rating and becomes favorite among social media.

In 2013 Noori production announce the product related to the documentary named “The Tabaz Noori Revolution” that was released in 2015 and become record-breaking documentary nationally or internationally. Tabaz did not stop and draw limits for the success, he worked on continuous progress and expansion. With the continuous struggle, he proves himself as the most diversified actor, model, and musician. He scores multiple followers on social media, and become the most shared, viewed, and commented afghan artist.

In 2018, he proves himself as the versatile artist and releases a new music video “Dunya”. Parallel to the music video he worked and launch the self-written novel “The Social Evolution” based on his struggle and give motivation to the newcomers.

Tabaz Noori worked on his clothing and merchandising brand for NP & WMG and much more. He represents himself as a multitasking personality with ambitious goals and future objectives. For the youngsters, Noori is no doubt a motivational personality.

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