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Top innovative Web Design Trends to rule in 2020

If you happen to see some old website’s design today, you would immediately step away from it. It means that staying in the loop is very important in web design. At this time, push notifications keep competing for our immediate attention so it will be no surprise that designers will try their level best to add intuitiveness in web designs to create an environment filled with information as well as modern eye catching standards to deliver their messages all the more prominently to stand out.

In 2020, the possibilities are endless and we are observing web designers playing with extreme measures to compete with each other to design their website with striking features. But on the other hand we are seeing some popular old styles like minimalism and flat illustrations fill with colors.

So, what will the web design trends in 2020 be after all? Read on to discover the hottest web design trends of 2020.


In order to convey their message clearly, web designers are favouring oversized elements and type. The oversized elements include about anything on the website such as bold typography, oversized menus and so on.

Such oversized elements are surely eye-catching which help the visitors to apprehend the website’s message more clearly. Some designers are also favouring full screen images and videos with large typography which to be honest look great on screen.


One of the designs which is easy on the eyes is the dark mode which helps colors on the website to pop up. Dark backgrounds improve the visibility of colors for dynamic designs. Dark modes are better for OLED screens as well.


Minimalism is the old web design trend that gets to stay. Its features have evolved over the years but the essentials  stay the same. It encompases elegance and simplicity. Where oversized elements and types offer everything big and prominents, minimalism in web design offers minimal graphic elements and bare minimum text.


Web designers are being rebellious this year as they are breaking all the rules of typography. They are adding odd spacing, fonts and sizes but the key point is that they are eye-catching and visitors are getting the message clearly. For more information on designing a seamless web page you can visit website laten maken rotterdam.


White space or negative space is the blank areas between the design elements which gives a page a well balanced look. White space may look a waste of space but it gives a fresh feel to the page. It highlights important design elements with pleasing appearance.

Whitespace has always been an important design principle. In 2020, we’ll see this trend growing more prominent. In 2020, we are seeing designs balanced with clean typography and images that appear to be floating freely in space.


Hand drawn and imperfect design elements adds emotions to websites. It gives a website a heart and soul which visitors find attractive and appealing because using a little positivity in these times can be very warming.

A big trend next year will be hand-drawn icons. They’re more emotional, but on a positive note. This trend is connected to the fact that we need more positive stuff around, something that can brighten up the day.

– Elisabetta Calabritto

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