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Mystery of Necromancy; The Inside Story

The muggy sand on the fresh graves, rustling of leaves and the dark of the night; A cemetery isn’t a place people would want to stroll around! Is a walk in a graveyard actually as scary as it has been made in our heads? Isn’t it just a peaceful home for the dead? Well, it certainly is the home for the deceased, and many people do visit these places often to spend some time with their beloveds who’ve passed away or to sit in peace simply. But, what if one day you witness a dead waking up from a grave? It won’t be a peaceful place for you anymore, will it be?

For those of you who think its all just stories, have you ever heard of necromancy? It’s a dark art that brings the bloodless to life intending to peek into their secrets or for other evil purposes. From ancient times to today’s modern era, it has been practiced by people to see what lies in the afterlife. One of the likeliest times when it is rendered is that of the Halloween dark nights but is not limited to it. Necromancy is all about the magic spells used to summon the departed souls in the living world without their consent, which therefore, can cause deleterious repercussions. To give you a little more insight into the occult sphere of coming in touch with the dead, here are some rousing truths about necromancy.

Necromancy is all tangled with Black Magic

You cannot split up Black magic from the rituals of necromancy. It involves occult practices, incantations, talismans, magical symbols and circles, candles, dolls and more. Also, the person performing the spell uses the personal items of the spirit that they want to raise from the other world. They sometimes wear their clothes, keep anything that they possessed close to them, or carry out the hexing from their home. The necromancers sit at one place for countless days without moving an inch, cut up the dead bodies and even eat them to reach out to the other side. Taking it to the extremes, they also sometimes pray to the demons, burn birds and animals and more.

Environmental Conditions Affect Necromancy

Why is it that all the scary stuff happens in the night or after the sun sets in most of the movies and shows? Do ghosts are themselves scared of the daylight? Well, here’s the logical answer to that. It is believed that the spirits and demons show themselves easily post dusk and so, necromancy is usually done on its best time which is at midnight. Now, the likeliness of the rising of dead souls also surges up with different environmental conditions, including thunder, lightning, wind, and rain.

Necromancy was Determinedly Studied in the Middle Ages

Though necromancy was considered as a malicious act, many scholars and clerics from the middle age were convinced to study it for the betterment of people and society. They believed that by communicating with the dead, they could be benefited both spiritually and personally. By taking proper training to perform the acts and spells correctly, the clerics used to put great efforts into obtaining the answers from the dead.

Necromancy in literature

Necromancy was first mentioned in an Ancient Greek poem called Odyssey from an author named Homer. It was where a spirit was revived to gain information about the future and success. People made different offerings to the gods of the immortal world, and blood of a sheep was served to them as the special drink, which in turn enabled the spirits to speak. After this piece of literature, many books and poems were written mentioning the necromancy, black magic, evil spirits, sacrifices and a lot more. Today, you can find hundreds of pieces that talk about how various cultures and religions practiced the necromantic rituals, and what were the outcomes of them. Many of such books are readily available on a bunch of stores and bookshops today. You can even bag hefty concessions on them by hovering onto TVC

Necromancy still Exists

After the 17th century, necromancy wiped off from the written pieces of evidence. However, it got modified in the name of spiritualism in many religions. And, a lot of them follow similar practices to date. One of the cultures that still believe in making the dead enter the mortal world for different reasons is that of the Afro-Brazilian Quimbanda religion. They perform various acts and rituals to harm an enemy, seek revenge, or to gain success in any matter. According to their beliefs, the male spirits are called Exus and female spirits are called Pomba Giras. The practitioners dedicate various offerings for the powerful spirits and ask them for their help in the tasks they want.

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