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Inside Sales Outsourcing – A Productivity Tightened Role by Sofiya Machulskaya

Sofiya Machulskaya

I am reminded of the movie “In the Father’s presence” playing in my office. I love that video. It is a very funny scene between an alcoholic father and his dying son. The son is a recovering alcoholic and he is conducting the therapy based session with little success. He reveals some low point moments in his life and destructive actions. He wanted to die. In his dog lashing out at the father, it is clear from his verbal exchanges with his son that deep down he feels he is Purepointsabsent and is so out of touch with his son. His son knows this and the son is coming up with some techniques to help him close the gap in the absentee father’s work life. He stands up, pours a bottle of alcohol into his dad’s open glass and begins the therapy session. True, not everyone is coping in the same way but a lot of people can give more productive feedback about their work talents than in this scene (“play”).

“More companies are coming to the conclusion today than ever before that organizational and overall management is shifting to a justified conversational opt-in approach. However, whereas productivity and individual synergy is always going to be a constant, the lines have blurred and are unmoored with the need for staying productive.” states Sofiya Machulskaya. This can lead to the misunderstanding of multiple sources and the inability of making real progress when it comes to development. Risks have to be taken which may not be acceptable by others or in fact possible that action may be taken that could prove short-lived. When such blocking situations exist one is talking about the near picture. Companies want to provide their employees the freedom to be engaged at the appropriate times and want the delivery of results. They do not want silo type activities. They want the chance to think and create and at the same time be able to fulfill the corporate objectives. During my research I discovered a key challenge to inside sales outsourcing and inside sales service functions.

Inside sales is the function of selling one company’s product to different clients and prospects across different geographies. One of the primary objectives of successful sales people is contact with decision makers. This may propose a face-to-face meeting to present one’s products and services. Sales people have to achieve business objectives and stakeholder satisfaction. The conventional “contact” set-up does not fit so well. It sends the message of intrusion. Effective selling is not about cold calling now it is about meaningful conversation, sharing knowledge, listening, responding and leveraging the opportunity. Unless you are attached to your process and stick to it, effective selling can be replaced by activities that can be much more meaningful in the evaluation and integration of opportunities.

Sofiya Machulskaya continues: “Outsourced sales management is a frictionless, coaching style assist application. In other words, sales management is for leading, directing, coaching, and leading again. Sales forces today need more time to strategize and more challenges.” Sales management has to be more efficient and more effective. It also has to be more humanistic. It should have the ability to take the leads, use them effectively, and transition those leads into sales to secure sales. Sales management needs to be more exciting and conversational about how to uncover opportunities in the process. Sales management is more humanized unless you can explain and justify an acquisition or transition into a customer geographically based, the process is lacking. Sales Management needs more tools.

Successful outsourcing may be the only true evolution from inside sales to inside sales services.

indemnify the external customers from internal Production issues.

Leverage the inside support staff.

Improve the Company’s revenue growth through selecting and developing unique selling propositions for particular markets or customers.

Improve the Customer Service rating.

Improve the Customer Promise to Customer relationships.

umble into business delivery documentation to customers and pipeline tasks to support teams.

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