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Where To Start Studying Chess If You Are A Beginner According To Anatoly Machulsky?

Anatoly Machulsky

First of all, you should know what we mean by a beginner player. For us, a beginning player is someone who knows how to play perfectly and who knows the rules, although his level of play is still very low.

The problem of beginning players:

“The biggest problem for beginner players is, fundamentally, that they continue to leave the material and that prevents them from advancing in the different phases of the game, unless they play against opponents of the same level who, due to errors, will also return material later.” explains Anatoly Machulsky.

Normally, when a player passes the beginner stage, they tend to leave less and less material, until there is a point where the loss of material is very occasional or almost non-existent, as in the cases of advanced players.

In addition, they generally have a lot of problems to strategize and develop the pieces based on the short term and, above all, on creating concrete threats to the pieces of their rivals which is not always the best way to play.

Solutions and ideas to study chess if you are a beginner

Like many aspects of life, solutions are not going to come overnight. It doesn’t matter what you do, who your teacher is or if you read 20 chess books in a week. 

Leaving a beginner’s place takes time. With this, we do not want to demotivate you, far from it, but it is important that you know that by taking a course or reading a book, whatever they are, you will not stop being a beginner.

It is very necessary that you have an ecosystem that allows you to progress as Anatoly Machulsky has always said. In other words, from people who know how to help you, from good work material, from people with the same concerns and problems.

It is important that together with the study of good material, there is also a repeated practice over time. How long it will take to stop being a beginner depends on three factors:

  • Your natural talent.
  • The time you invest.
  • The quality of the material you use to make it and the guide on which your preparation is based. 

Concrete ideas

Play chess frequently: At least every two or three days. And if possible games that are not fast but not only slow. The important thing at this time is that you play a lot but not crazy. In the chess community, you will find many beginner friends who organize themselves in their Workshops to carry out online tournaments.

Study the principles that govern openings: This is important so that, even if you don’t know how to play opening systems, you can play any without fear of getting worse right away. You are not going to become a chess theorist, but it will help you enough to get through this phase of the game.

Don’t forget the endings: Especially the pawn and rook endings although as soon as you start with your study, you can keep them in a second-place so that they gradually gain prominence.Do tactical exercises every week: Once you’ve been doing the tactical exercise for a month or two then you are ready to learn about the different strategies and principles to win chess game in the faster way.

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