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What Makes Easternwest the Best Translation Company For All

What Is A Translation Company?

A translation company operates similarly to a talent agency. These companies source and
hire various professional translators from different languages in their team and allocate
them particular projects. It is also known as a translation agency as it not only offers
translation services but also efficiently handles clients’ translation projects. However, many
translation companies do not limit their services to translation only. They also provide
various other services including copywriting, transcription, localization, and technical
writing etc.

Easternwest, Who?

Easternwest is a translation company and localization firm that was founded in 2011 with
the goal of becoming the most chosen and trusted language service provider for foreign
customers. Over time, they have acquired a lot of professional experience, built highly
competent teams, amassed large pools of seasoned language experts, and extended their
service and language offerings.

Since the beginning, their aim has been to provide top-notch linguistic services that cater
well to the needs of each and every client. The highly professional teams at Easternwest are
known for their hard work.

What Makes Them Different From Others?

There are many other promising companies and agencies in the field of translation;
however, Easternwest’s dedication to create and retain positive client relationships makes
them stand out from the crowd. At Easternwest it is like if you’re once a client, you’ll always
remain one. Following are some of the other characteristics of Easternwest that we found

  • Unlimited Customer Support: As discussed earlier Easternwest prioritizes satisfying the needs and want s of their customers which certainly makes them everyone’s go-to translation and localization agency. Their teams make sure to pay extra attention to even the minutest detail provided by the client. Lastly, their support teams are available around the clock to help customers resolve any queries
  • Efficient Cost Saving Solutions: One of the cons of the translation market is that many individual freelancers dominate the market and charge extremely high rates for their services. However, with Easternwest you can get your documents translated while being easy on your pocket. They have unique bottom line pricing plans and packages for all the services they provide to assist customers in the best possible manner.
  • Get A Free Quote: One of the best features of Easternwest’s services is that they offer a lot more room and flexibility to their customers when it comes to costs and pricing. Their teams provide free customized price quotes to different clients based on their budget. This way their customers get a chance to avail the best services at the best prices!
  • Confidentiality Is Top Priority: Easternwest is a company that values its customers and hence realizes the delicacies of maintaining clients’ privacy intact. Assuring high confidentiality is a big focus of their client relationships. To conclude, Easternwest is undoubtedly providing one of the best translations and localization services that too at affordable rates. Such great golden opportunities shouldn’t be missed!

Contact Details:

Website –
Email –
Phone No. +82 70.7913.8977
Address – 4F, NH Capital Bldg., Yeouido-dong 45-3, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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